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+ Can I Join TraderEquity ?

Yes! However to trade a Live account with us you MUST be profitable and have 100k+ in monthly share volume to be accepted.

All other traders need to apply for the Fully Funded Path - Click Here

+ What is a Proprietary Trading Firm?

A Proprietary Trading Firm (“Prop Firm”) is a company that enables you to trade the company's money and use its professional infrastructure along with giving you access to vastly cheaper trade fees to give you a major competitive advantage over using a Broker.

We do no extend leverage or margin, all traders are trading the firms capital. To offset any losses traders place a Performance Bond with us. There is no relationship between the Performance Bond and the amount of capital we can extend.

There is also no conflicts of Interest with a Prop Firm, the more money you make the more money the Prop Firm will make.

+ Why is a Prop Firm Better than a Broker?

A broker’s main source of income is from commissions, they want you trading and don't care if you lose or make money. They normally have very high commission costs, which can kill a small account very quickly.

A lot of Brokers will offer CFD or Principle Execution; this is where the broker takes the other side of your trades. Therefore it's in the Brokers interest for you to fail.

Your interest and theirs are not aligned there is a clear conflict of interest.

A Prop firm will have your interest aligned with theirs, so when you make money they make money. You will be given access to professional tools and services to enable you to succeed, like ECN rebates, Dark Pools, Mentoring, Large Funding & Low Fees.

+ What is a Performance bond?

A Performance Bond is there to offset any losses or data/software costs when trading the companies capital. We do not offer or extend leverage nor margin. You are trading our capital and can have more extended based on your performance.

The Performance Bond is only refundable if the traders account is NET positive at the time of closing the account.

+ What do I need to join?

For a Live Account you need a ID and Proof of Address dated within the last 3 months.

For the Fully Funded Path we only require your name and address.

+ What are Auto Daily Risk Limits?

When you join, we ask you to set a Daily Risk Limit, this is a $ amount loss that if you hit, we will cut your buying power till the next trading day.

This will try to prevent you from either overtrading if you’re new or to try to prevent you from blowing up an account if you have a bad day.

+ Do I need any Qualifications, Previous Trading Experience or are there minimums?

To trade a Live Account with us we only accept traders who are doing 100,000+ in Share Volume or are profitable.

If you aren't profitable or are doing less than 100,000 in share volume per month. We can only accept you via our Fully Funded Path.

The Fully Funded Path

+ If I pass The Fully Funded Path do I require a Bond?

No, you will not be required to send a bond if you pass The Fully Funded Path.

+ Why are you offering The Fully Funded Path?

We wanted to give up and coming traders an opportunity to learn HOW to succeed in a safe and controlled environment. With this program, we have provided an affordable way for new traders to trade with absolute transparency and certainty. Conditions are as they would be in a live environment. Traders can map their performance using our reporting system to learn and fully understand what it takes to trade without investing and potentially losing a large sum of capital while they are in this transition stage. This is very valuable to new and upcoming traders.

We also wanted to give undercapitalized yet profitable retail traders an opportunity to increase their earnings. These traders are used to trading conservatively at a brokerage where they are slowly building buying power by constantly reinvesting their profits. The Fully Funded Path program gives these experienced traders the ability to perfect their existing strategy without risking their precious capital. Once the trader graduates, they can capitalize on the scalability of a funded account instantly and take their career to new heights by earning monthly payouts while working remotely.


As you can see the Fully Funded Path program was created for the growing trader with accuracy and affordability in mind. The better the trader preforms the more capital we extend. The end result is steady income as a professional trader, at a reputable firm.


Therefore to assist all of these traders above and give them the best opportunity possible we have developed The Fully Funded Program!

+ Is there a time restriction?

There is NO Time Restriction and all balances are carried over to the next month.

+ Is there a minimum amount of trades?

Yes, the whole purpose of the Fully Funded Path is to give us enough data to enable us to see what level of trader you are. We don't want to be in a situation where 1 trade enables you to hit the target. We want to ensure there is enough data to clearly show you can trade and more importantly manage risk. Therefore we ask that you trade for a minimum of 20 working days with 100 round trips.

+ Can I short when SSR is on?

Yes you can, the software mirrors the real market enviroment.

+ How are hard to borrow & commission costs calculated?

You will access to stocks as ETB, we will calculate the HTB borrow costs if and when you near the completion of the challenge. We will also add a nominal $0.99 per trade to simulate a commission cost. We may make some not avaliable to short if that reflects the real enviroment. We will also add ECN fees to simulate the real life cost. This will be at a fair value of 0.003 per share.

+ What is classed as economic news?

We simply don’t want traders taking direction risk into either economic announcements/news or data releases. Once the data has been announced you’re free to trade.

+ When am I charged the monthly fee?

The program starts when you are ready to start, you can sign up & pay at anytime. We will always double check with you before the account is enabled. You will then be billed by PayPal every 30 days from the pay date but please note that the program is billed on a per month basis. Meaning, its best to start on the first of the month to get the most out of your subscription.

+ How do I cancel?

If you require to cancel the account, you MUST advise the support team before the end of the month AND before your payment is taken. You should also log in to PayPal and cancel any subscription to ensure you are not charged for the following month. Payments are done by PayPal on a 30 day cycle as explained in the email you received from PayPal on signing up. We do not issue refunds after payment is made.

Please Note: We have a no return policy at TraderEquity, once the account is closed we won't allow you back to trade with us.

+ Can I have less buying power & pay less?

We are a professional proprietary trading firm, all traders are trading our capital. Everything is relative so having more BP or Risk won't change anything. If you can trade you should be able to easily achieve it with the BP. The Software and Data fees apply regardless of the amount of capital you are trading.  

+ What size live account do I get once I pass & can I scale?

Once you've completed The Fully Funded Path and proven yourself as a profitable trader, we will then start you off in the live account with the same risk settings! We monitor our traders very closely and are happy to provide more capital when appropriate. If however, the trader reaches the max drawdown, as discussed in the agreement, the trader will be advised to go back to The Fully Funded Path program until they can once again, prove profitability. We understand that trading is an ongoing learning experience. We work closely with our traders to ensure success. Sometimes it takes more practice and perseverance than expected.

+ Can I trade odd lots?

No, as we are Direct Market Access (DMA) we don't allow Odd Lots. If you place an order in and are filled which is an odd lot this will be deemed a rule break.

+ How long does it take to setup my account once I pay?

It will take anything from 24-48 hours to complete after KYC/AML (Know Your Client / Anti-Money Laundering) checks have been completed. We would suggest giving yourself enough time to pass compliance before starting.

Bonds & Payments

+ How much do I need to open an account?

If you don't have a verified trading history you must provide a set off against costs associated with servicing your account. This will be dependent on your trade history if any.

+ How much Buying Power will I get?

Based on your performance we can extend near on unlimited Buying Power.

There is no relationship between the Performance Bond and the buying power we extend to you.

If you require more please just get in touch and ask.

+ If I lose or make money does my buying power change?

No, your buying power will always be fixed at the amount we agreed. This means there will be no reduction in buying power if you had a few bad days.

+ How long does it take to activate my account?

We can normally give you access to your account within 24 hours of payment clearing and your identity is verified.

+ How much do I get paid on making profit?

If you are in a Standard Account it will be 80% payout. If we are funding you then it will be based on our agreement. All payments are net of fees.

+ How long does it take me to withdraw?

We pay our trader at the end of the month following the request is made. As an example, if you make 10k profit net in January, we will pay you to your bank account at the end of February. If you are trading with a Standard Account, withdrawals are made via request, funded accounts are paid automatically.

Our Fees

+ Cost of Placing a Trade?

The cost of a trade is $0.00177 per share with a $0.99 per trade minimum on our Standard Account.

Major discounts will be only available for Funded & Large Volume Groups/ Traders.

For more information on Our Fees - Click Here

+ How much is software?

Full software costs are outlined here - Click Here

+ How much is data fees?

Data fees are outlined here - Click Here

+ When am I charged?

Every time you buy or sell you are charged. As for software and data fees you are charged at the start of every calendar month irrespective of the date you signed up.

+ What are ECN Rebates?

If you add liquidity you get paid by exchanges to do this, if you take liquidity you pay for this privilege. Different Routes have different payments or costs.

As an example, if you want to buy and sit on "Bid" waiting for a buyer and get filled you are adding liquidity and will be paid for doing so. Alternatively, if you want to buy and you take the "Ask" you are getting filled straight away but you will be taking liquidity and will pay for this.

ECN rebates are automatically applied at the end of each trading day.


+ Can I test drive the Software?

Yes, to start your demo of Sterling Trader Pro please sign up using this form - Click Here

+ How long does the Demo last?

The demo last 7 days.

+ Can I renew my Demo Account?

After 7 days you can not renew the demo, this is due to Licence Agreements with the Software & Exchange Feeds.

+ Do you recommend using Demo to learn to Trade?

No, Trading using a Demo Account removes all emotions from trading which is a large part of learning to trade. We recommend you only use the demo to become familiar with the software.


+ What Trading Platform Software do you offer?

We use Sterling Trader Pro, its the one of the worlds most popular Professional Trading Platform.

We also have LightSpeed avaliable only for Trading Groups of 10 or more.

Fully Funded Path Traders can chose to use either Sterling Trader Pro or our Web Platform.

+ Does the Software have Level 2?

Yes, all of our platforms have Level 2 but you need to ensure you have the right data feeds to see it.
+ Does the Software come with a Scanner?

Yes, Sterling Trader Pro comes with a Scanner and includes configurable top 10 High Low Lists. We also recommend a secondary scanner which is not part of Sterling Trader Pro, if required we can supply you with a link that gives you access to a monthly discount.

+ Am I able to use Stops?

Yes, you can place stops using the software. We recommend you fully understand the types of Stops and how these are executed before using them.

+ Can I change my Daily Risk Limit in the Software?

No, your maximum Loss per day is set with us & you will need to get in touch via your Risk Manager to change it.

+ What is the least number of feeds needed to use the Software to Trade?

You will require Level 1 as a minimum for the exchange where the instrument you are planning on trading is situated.

+ What Routes & Dark Pools do you have?

Click HERE to download our full list including descriptions.


+ What ID & Paperwork do I need to open an account?

We require either a driving licence or passport that are valid and in date. We also require proof of address dated within the last 3 months, this can be a Utility bill, phone bill or bank statement.

+ Can a group of us trade using the same account?

Each account has to be linked to an individual trader. However, we can offer a Trading Floor we can offer each of your group or firm an account and provide a group discount.

+ Is there any restrictions?

Yes, At this time, we do not accept Traders domiciled in the United States of America. We can, however, accept US Citizens who are domiciled outside the USA.

+ Where are you based?

We are based in the Cayman Islands.

+ Do I Bear any Risks?

Yes, you are fully responsible for your losses and need to take Risk management very seriously to avoid losses.

+ Do you allow Over Night Positions?

Yes we can.


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